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Cessna Citation Excel – Private Charter Flights

Although technically a mid-sized jet, the Citation Excel exhibits the versatile performance typical of Small cabin jets. It is 18.7 feet long, can fly up to 1,704 nautical miles, take off in 3,590 feet – the shortest takeoff distance of any midsized jet, and climb to cruise altitude in under 20 minutes.

The Citation Excel’s boasts a comfortable cabin that easily accommodates seven passengers. The cabin has a noticeably quiet and draft-free atmosphere, due to the triple-sealed entry door and triple-pane windows.

The Citation Excel is a solid, reliable private jet that can take you anywhere a mid-sized jet can go.

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Featured Amenities

    • Luxurious Leather Seats for 7
    • Fold Out Work Tables
    • Sliding Headrests
    • Enclosed Aft lavatory
    • Flitefone VI
    • Advanced Sound Proofing
    • Triple Sealed Entry Door
    • Triple Pane Windows
    • Advanced Ventilation (Reduces Drafts)

Technical Specs

    • Max Range: 1657 nm
    • High Speed: 486 mph
    • Passenger Capacity: 7
    • Cabin Length: 18.7 ft
    • Cabin Height: 5.7 ft
    • Cabin Width: 5.6 ft
    • Baggage Capacity: 90 cubic ft

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